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Tuition & Fees Annual Registration $45/yr.

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Leg Up Quarter
Lesson Program

$490/qtr. = $49/lesson
(10 lessons + make-up)


Leg Up Semester
Lesson Program

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$150/mo = $45/lesson
(20 lessons + 2 make-ups)

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Single Lesson: $55.00

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1997-2020 | Leg Up Equestrian English Riding Academy

Horseback Riding Lesson Program

Student Enrollment
Leg Up Equestrian offers horseback riding lessons throughout the year. Our school calendar follows a traditional 13 week 'Quarter' class schedule: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer Quarters. Our min enrollment is 1 Leg Up Quarter (10 lessons). Students enroll for a Semester (2 Quarters) have the option for monthly payments.

Each Class Quarter consists of 10 scheduled lessons with a built-in FREE make-up week for missed lessons. Make-ups need to be completed in the same quarter missed.

Students who enroll for a full Semester with a monthly billing option (versus pre-paid), may continue enrollment month-month at the same rate, after their semester ends, for the remainder of the current school year (see Leg Up School Calendar).

Leg Up School Calendar
Leg Up School year begins with the Fall QTR each year and runs through the last day of Summer QTR the following year. - New students may enroll anytime throughout the year, and start during a Semester (classes pro-rated). Enrollment/class size is limited; classes are subject to each rider's assessed riding level and availability. Priority is given to students currently enrolled in our year-round lesson program.

Semester Enrollment Terms
Semester-1  {Fall QTR + Winter QTR}
Semester-2  {Winter QTR + Spring QTR}
Semester-3  {Spring QTR + Summer QTR}

Summer QTR - FLEX
To accommodate family travel and activities, Leg Up offers a Flexible scheduling option during the Summer QTR so students may continue enrollment in their same class starting in the next School Year Term (beginning Fall QTR each year). Students who sign up for either 7 or 10 scheduled lessons will receive priority placement in the next school year term starting Fall QTR.

2019-20 School Policies

class make-ups: Leg Up offers a FREE built-in make-up week each Quarter. Thus students who miss their first class can make up that class during our scheduled 'make-up week' (same class day/time), at no additional charge. ~ class cancellations require min. 24 hrs. notice to be eligible for a free make-up . All make-ups must be completed in the same class Quarter as the missed class.

rainy day policy: Come to class!
Always assume we will have scheduled classes - we rarely cancel, and we will always notify you in the rare event we do due to unsafe conditions. Dress for the weather; rain is often intermittent.

In the event that we are unable to ride, we will provide a structured Barn Class: unmounted lessons covering the required skills and knowledge in our Leg Up Levels of Achievement curriculum.. These skills are required to pass each subsequent level and students are tested for this knowledge in order to progress in our program. Barn Classes are integral part of our lesson program, and a valuable opportunity for teaching and learning. - please do not miss class because of inclement weather!

dress code: Students are expected to come to class dressed to ride. New students / Beginner students (Introductory Level to Level 1) are not required to wear riding attire (breeches, boots) to start. Leg Up provides school shirts for all new students (included with your registration fee). Students are expected to wear their school shirts at all Leg Up classes and events. Additional school shirts may be purchased for $17ea. (please ask your instructor).

enrollment cancellation: no long term contracts!
Students may cancel enrollment anytime after completion of the Semester term with '30 days' notice (min. 3 scheduled class weeks in advance). ~ thus, a student who cancels at the beginning of the month, could remain in their class until the start of the next month billing cycle; a student who cancels after the beginning of the month will receive pro-rated billing for the last 3 classes from the date of cancellation.

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