FAQ's - Horseback Riding Lessons

Q: What are your height & weight restrictions for horseback riding?

A: Our goal is to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for both horse and rider. At Leg Up most of our specialty school horses are smaller, lighter breeds including ponies which have more restrictions than larger horses typically available for general trail rides.

height limits: < 5' 10
weight limits: under 190 lbs.


Q: What are your minmum age restrictions for horseback riding?

A: Leg UP offers youth group riding lessons typically starting at age 8+ (2nd grade). For younger riders, we offer "Pony Pals" program; ages 7 1/2 - 8 years of age..

Q: Is there a maximum age for riding lessons?

A: While Leg Up specializes in youth Horseback Riding Lessons and Summer Camps, Adult Lessons and specialty clinics are also provided to riders of all ages and levels in good physical health.


Q: Do you offer adult classes?

A: Yes! - we typically group riders by "riding level", thus it is not uncommon for our adult riders to ride in classes with younger students. For experienced riders, we also offer speicialty Dressage and Cross Country clinics.

For our adult Ladies, we also offer an occasional "Ladies NIght Out Horesback Riding meetup: sign ups are avaialble on Meetup.com - Leg Up Horseback Riding Meetup Group


Q: Do you offer lessons and camps for children with Special Needs?

A: We believe every child could benefit from her expereince with horses. While Leg UP specializes in youth horseback riding lessons and camps, working with children with speical needs requires a specialized program with trained staff and support.

Leg Up proudly recommends "Mighty Riders" at Misty Meadows Farm (Waxhaw, NC) whose mission is: "To offer equine-assisted therapy to children with special needs for as long as those needs exist in our world"

Speical Needs Clients: phyisical, mental, emotional, social, and learning disabilities. call: 704.841.0602

Misty Meadows Mighty Riders
licensed and accredited by PATH International